You ask and we'll answer. (At least some of the time!)

Some of the common gripes...

  • Where's all the adverts and video links?
    • We believe in keeping things simple as opposed to the data overload found elsewhere. By keeping these distractions to a minimum we find the site more user friendly.
  • I can't find the review for *insert latest blockbuster title* anywhere on the site, where is it?
    • It is not possible for us to review or comment on every game released, we simply don't have the time. Also without being sent preview copies of new releases we are limited in having to purchase titles to review.
  • Can you review...?
    • Again, only if we have a copy. Feel free to drop us a line and ask at info@soupofpants.com, you might just get lucky!
  • Your reviews/you suck...
    • Why thanks. Remember all reviews on this site are purely opinion, and what a boring world it would be if we all loved the same things. If you have any constructive criticism you wish to add, please comment on the review/news-piece itself and we'll be sure to check it out. Keep it clean though.
  • Why did you delete my comment?
    • Firstly comments have to be approved, it may just be a case of waiting a day or two. There are several reasons comments may be deleted from the site:
      • Anything containing threatening or vulgar language will not be tolerated.
      • Any links posted without prior permission will not be accepted.
      • Admins decision is final.
  • I want to write a review for you, can I?
    • From time to time we may allow guest reviews and pieces. Drop us a message detailing your desires and we'll see what we can do when a suitable window opens.

Retro or modern?

The following picture-link takes you to a page that discusses our decisions behind which consoles to declare as retro and which modern. All enquiries and comments of that nature are best made there.


Use the following picture-link for further details about our review method, and to discover our rogues-gallery of grading.

Use of our material...

Nothing here by any means constitutes legal advice. If in doubt, please check for yourself.

  • Wow, I love that screenshot, where did you get it?
    • All in-game images on the site were created for soupofpants.com by ourselves. If you wish to use one of our images that's great, but please give credit for where it came from.
    • We strongly recommend enjoying the game for yourself and capturing your own images along the way.
    • Many of the cover shots are used under 'fair use' guidelines for the purpose of critique.
  • Can I use part of your review in my blog?
    • Certainly, so long as you clearly link back to our original review, and are not intentionally editing our comments to misrepresent our findings.
  • What about the stuff in awesomeness?
    • Much of this is public domain work. If in doubt be sure to check with the original source should you wish to recreate someone else's work.
  • Hey that belongs to me, I never said you could use it...
    • In the rare instance you find something you feel we should not be using on the site, please message us immediately and we will be more than willing to rectify the issue.

Anything else?

No doubt we've missed something, after all, we're only human.

If you think of something we've failed to mention drop us a line. It really is as simple as that.

Until then... Happy Gaming.