Welcome Stalker!

Well, I'm an English gamer in my thirties who goes by the handle Soup, or to be more precise, Soup of pants.
I've basically been a gamer all my life. Having grown up in the age of 8-bit blockery and cut my teeth in the arcades of old, I find myself ever craving my next digital addiction.
Games have come a long way over the decades, and it's been a great pleasure to tag along for the ride through the highs and lows of each critically acclaimed masterpiece.

Feel free to stalk me further:
Xbox: Soup of pants
PSN: Soup_of_pants

We not I? What's that all about?

As I'm sure you'll notice, on many of the pages I refer to we as opposed to I.

This is not a mistake. Moving forward there will be other reviewers besides myself, as well as those who work tirelessly behind the scenes. As always reviewers opinions are their own. By using we across the site's more general areas gives a more collective form moving forward. By declaring I, to me at least feels somewhat selfish, almost like a draconian dictatorship. This would undersell the help others give and the value of their input, for which I am as always eternally grateful.

This site is about coming together as one and sharing our passion for all things gaming.

Moving forward, I'm sure other's names will litter this page in place of this half-arsed explanation.

Hope you understand.

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